Jess Hutch.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

paper doll

paper doll
Here's a paper doll I made out of, um, paper. And polyester fiberfill and Alene's Tacky Glue. Paper is so inflexible that I couldn't really stuff the bejezus out of the doll like I normally do, but it still has a nice 3D quality. You can see the dimensional quality better in person (and in the side view).

I'm knitting away on the Big! Body!, so I keep devising little toy diversions like this one. I think it's helping me break out of a bit of a rut. I recommend it... just start making little projects out of what you have on hand.

Doing this paper doll made me think of making a toy in this style out of white tissue paper, so you can see the stuffing inside. Sort of a translucent doll. Isn't that craaazy? I can't wait to try it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

site redesign

site redesign
I redesigned my site. Whew! Let me know what you think - and if you see any crazy weird stuff, please email me (jess [at] jesshutch [dot] com). Thank you.

I'm going to go eat some soup now.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the lost object project

Hey there, nice readers of my blog. First, thanks for all the lovely comments about my recent drawings and the ghost. Second, a friend of mine, Becky Bird Grigsby, has created an interactive web-based project called the The Lost Object Project, and I offered to link to it. I encourage you to contribute - I think it will be really thought-provoking for all you creative folks. But first, here's her description:

"When I graduated from college, my grandfather insisted I have a
briefcase. His gift was incredibly sweet and thoughtful but I never
had much use for a briefcase, especially such a traditional style. I
kept the briefcase for a few years, but when I was getting ready to
move from California to Boston, the briefcase joined the garage-sized
pile of other objects I had to trash, sell, or give away. The
briefcase was donated, among many other things, to the Salvation Army,
where I hoped it would make its way to someone who would actually have
use for it. That was almost two years ago. My grandfather died
recently and all I can think about is that briefcase.

By creating a virtual memorial for my lost briefcase and sharing my
story, I honor my grandfather's gift and, to some extent, confess my
guilt over getting rid of it. As I started to tell people my story, I
was struck by their response, which involved, in most cases,
immediately sharing with me a similar story about an object that they
had lost or misplaced. I'm curious about the irrational affection we
often feel towards inanimate objects as well as the narrative and
meaning(s) that get attached to these otherwise mundane things over
time, qualities that can become heightened in an object's
loss/absence. The website provides a space for people to observe as
well as share their stories about and images of their lost objects."

Sigh. Isn't that lovely? Here's a link to the project - you can follow the links to a form to fill out to tell your story (and include photos or a drawing of your object). The previously contributed stories of lost items are so sad... I attach a lot of emotional significance to inanimate objects. Um, clearly. It's often difficult for me to get rid of things because I can remember who gave it to me, why, how I felt when it was given to me, why I bought it, etc. I'm planning to contribute, I love the idea of memorializing lost things!

Becky, by the way, runs the fabulous wazo cafe gallery site, which hosted my knitted robots way back when. Thanks for that Becky!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


ghost corner
Here's a ghost toy I painted today. She's made of sewn muslin, with a few coats of gesso (sanded in between each coat), and acrylic craft paints for that lovely matte look.

I LOVED doing this. I'm planning on doing more. The Big Toy is long-term, which is hard for me. So although I continue to knit and knit the Big Toy at night, watching various police procedural TV programs as I do so, I want to take a moment here and there to do these smaller pieces. I guess I like instant gratification (which in my weird world means spending 6 hours on a project rather than 30!).

Monday, March 19, 2007


Recent drawings. I added colored backgrounds to two of them in photoshop, the color in the other two is from copic markers, in extremely pale colors. I just discovered them the other day and I love 'em. Depending on the marker you use (my favorite color is Moon White) you can get the palest, sheerest wash of color. Lovely. I'm not really a marker girl but these I can get behind.

More this week!

ps. I just realized that almost all of these figures are looking to the left (their right). Hum.

Friday, March 16, 2007

tracy trailer

Hey, remember that 70's kid show host toy I made so long ago? The one with the big yellow 'fro and orange jumpsuit? You may also recall that it was meant to be a gift for a friend to give her husband, the director of an upcoming mockumentary about the kid's show host and his untimely death. Well, now there's a trailer for the movie (called "Tracy") online! Go see! It is quite hilarious.

I'm so impressed. Dan and Michele are geniuses.

I'm working on the Big Body of the Big Toy these days - it looks like a whole lot of nuttin right now so I'm going to wait a while before I post a photo of it. But this weekend I'm going to make an effort to post some drawings I've been working on lately, during the late hours of the evening.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

big! head!

Big Head Jess
Big Head Jeff
OK, here it is, finally. The Big Head. It's 10 inches in diameter, which in my head didn't sound that big, but - it's BIG.

I love it. I actually finished it about a week ago, but had to wait until yesterday to take photos. You know, good warm afternoon light, etc. I'm starting on the body today - it will be the biggest piece of the Big Toy by far, easily as big as the body section of an adult-sized sweater. It will probably take me several weeks to finish, but at least I have some Mr. Palfrey of Westminsters saved up on my Tivo!

I'll be taking more photos of the Head this afternoon, and posting them on flickr.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

pg tips chimp

pg tips chimp
I have a confession to make: I'm a big old insufferable anglophile. I even watch Mr. Palfrey of Westminster on PBS, that's how bad it's gotten. This obsession extends to the gastronomic - I always try to have a can or two of Heinz beans on hand, and I'm never without my PG Tips tea.

So when one of my flickr contacts, bettybean, posted a photo of a knitted chimp toy that came free with a box of PG Tips, I got a little excited. Knitted toy! Chimp! PG Tips! Could it be any more perfect? I commented to that effect, and she offered to send me one, direct from London. And here it is. Again I say: hooray for the internet. Thanks bettybean!

Completely unrelated, but if you'd like to see a photo (taken by Rain) of me with comic genius Brian Posehn, here you go.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

yeti by esty gertzman

Oh, look at this guy. Isn't he just the loveliest? So fuzzy and fierce? He was made by Esty Gertzman, an artist in Amsterdam. I first saw the yeti in Esty's flickr photoset, then rushed to buy him on etsy. And now His Abominableness is in my home. I love the internet.

I love all of Esty's work- I can't link to it directly, but go to Work, then Sculptures, then 2001-2005 - the bronze wood "Hills and Ferns". Just incredible.

My blog posts have been few and far between these days. I've been out and about most evenings, and when I'm not out and about I have to decide - should I do, or post about doing? And doing usually wins out. I hope to have more time to work on my ongoing projects this week - the Big! Head! is finished, by the way, I just need to put his face on and take some pics. Oh my, is the Head ever Big. It kind of surprised me.

Speaking of out and about, on Monday I had a few pints with Annie of wexford girl. She is hilarious, stylish (amazing shoes), charming, and a brilliant artist, and we talked for hours. It was so much fun - thanks Annie!