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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fabric toy

fabric toy
Here's a toy I made out of the fabric I screenprinted.

Sewing is kind of frustrating for me. I can't get woven fabric to do what I want it to do - everything turns out skinnier than I had planned. After I was done with this guy, after he was stuffed and his stuffin-hole was hand-sewn closed, I put him in a chair in the living room and huffed around the house for a while. I kept complaining about him to Jeff. "He's too skinny." "His eye looks wonky."

Then I woke up this morning and took another look, and I said, "kid, you're all right." I like him more now. Funny how that works.

More sewn toys to follow. I've run into a minor issue with the Big! Head!, but I hope to have something to show soon.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

toy for rain

toy for Rain
I made this guy for Rain. His sweater is removable, so when the warmer months roll around, he'll be ready.

I am suffering from yet another cold, my third in five months, so I'm going to get back into bed. Have a lovely weekend!


Monday, February 12, 2007


giraffe by Lisa Solomon - close up
Hey - I made a toy for Lisa Solomon and then Lisa made this toy for me. Swaperoo! I love this little guy - he's a giraffe and he sits on his own, and he has a jaunty scarf. I got a new camera this week (well, new to me - it's a used Canon 20D, and I love it) and I took all sorts of photos of the toy. Here's one.

More toy fun later this week. Later skaters.

Thanks so much Lisa!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I went to Disneyland this weekend, as I so often do, with Chuck and Rain. It was fun, of course, but I don't really have anything new to say about it. I posted about DL way back here if you'd like to take a look-see. I used to write about Disneyland all the time, I even did one of my big papers my senior year of college on the subject (I compared traditional amusement parks to Disneyland and other, newer, theme parks). These days I'm more interested in the visuals... the colors, the representations, the textures, etc.

You can see my photos of the trip in my flickr photos.

I meant to get started on the Big Toy on the way down, but I didn't get my yarn in time (it arrived while I was away). I hope to have a Big Head done by the end of this week; I will post it in all its disembodied glory when it's completed.

Big! Head!

Oh, also - the two year anniversary of this blog was last Friday. Two! Years!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

wurstminster dog show

Back in December I wrote about the silkscreened piece I did for the (then) upcoming Wurstminster Dog Show for the Wurst Gallery... it opens Saturday night, so if you're in Portland, OR, or nearby, check it out! Over 100 artists from around the world have each represented a different dog breed. Some of my favorite artists are participating, including Mia Hansen, Camilla Engman, and S.britt. I wish I could see it in person! Apparently, the pieces will only on exhibit at the Ace Hotel for the one night, after which they will all be on sale at the wurst gallery website.

Here are the deets. Have a nice weekend, folks!