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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I went to the zoo a couple weekends ago with Lisa C. and our friend Maris. Click on the photo above to get to my flickr page and more animally goodness.

I anthropomorphize animals in the worst way - I do it all the time. Jeff and I were discussing this the other day, specifically how I'm always putting words in Chuy's mouth, and I said, "yeah, maybe I should stop doing that... it's probably not right or fair to assign human emotions and values to animals." Then I paused and said, as if I were Chuy, "yeah, don't anthopomorphize me!" HA. It was only after the words came out of my mouth that I realized what I'd actually said.

Another project is in the works... I'm really excited about this one. Back after a while to show you the results, I hope!


At 11:57 PM , lisa s said...

if it makes you feel any better each pet here has a different voice?

i love meercats....

At 2:41 PM , maritza said...

Hahahah - that is hysterical! I do the same with my pets. And we even made up a theme song for our dog. When he walks into the room, we start singing it, and he patiently looks at us as if we were insane.
Love the meerkats. They are so adorable.


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