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Monday, June 11, 2007

breakin 2

Here's a recent drawing. I'm attempting to do more humanoid figures. Still somewhat animal-y, but more human. We'll see.

I have completed all knitting on the Big! Toy! I can't even believe it. Just have to sew those limbs on and we've got ourselves a ridiculously proportioned hand-knitted toy. I can't wait to use it to freak out the squares.

It's been a very busy month - I got a new job, bought a new car, went to a few weddings... and the craziness isn't quite over folks, so I'm going to take another week to get everything in order. I hope I'll have a certain Large! Plaything! to show you shortly thereafter.


At 10:26 PM , Katie said...

Congratulations on everything - new car, new job, completed Big! Toy!

Your drawing reminds me of Fiona in Shrek. Very cute.

At 10:28 PM , lisa said...

i love this so much.

At 12:06 PM , goosefairy said...

I've been checking every day thinking "surely she'll update soon"!

Love the sketch. Can hardly wait to see the completed big toy.

Congrats on all the good things coming your way!

At 4:05 PM , RBG said...

Congrats on all the new changes and on almost finishing the Big! Toy! Can't wait to see it. I love the drawing, too - odd hybrid of sorts...It's a little creepy, but in a totally good way, of course.

At 4:57 AM , Kathy said...

She's on the rigth track I think. THe nurse in me see's a bit of a chromosome issue with her facies. Makes me a little sad. I LOVE her collar around her neck. I love her hair. Her nose is what is throwing me. BUT all I draw is stick figures and who asked me anyhow!

At 10:04 AM , LLA said...

Hey - she's got my nose!

Such big things in the works - new job, new car, witnessing new marriages... and of course, the new toy! All sounds good...


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