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Monday, April 02, 2007

robot postcard by mimi kirchner

For the last two years, ever since I found out that there were folks who made toys and blogged about it (and then promptly started my own toymaking blog), I've been repeatedly amazed and inspired by Mimi Kirchner. She makes extraordinary dolls. Their colors and textures are so beautiful - but it's really the faces that get me. Oh, the faces.

The robots she's been making for a while have been particularly inventive - she uses sewing notions and other little bits to suggest mechanisms, panels, etc. When I saw that she had created some 2D-ish (kind of 2.5D) postcard-sized pieces featuring mini versions of her robots, I had to snag one from her etsy shop. So snag one I did. Here 'tis. I love it. Thanks Mimi!

More toy fun to come this week, etc etc. Did I happen to mention that I'm making a Big Toy? And that this toy is very big? And that big things take a long time to make?

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At 5:12 PM , Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Her sweater babies are so adorable!

At 6:03 AM , mimi k said...

Thanks so much! I'm blushing :-)


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