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Monday, April 23, 2007

idle doodle

undersea enchantment
Today while I was deep in thought I doodled a little Jess Hutch-y undersea scene.

Turns out, knitting four 20-inch-long arms and legs for a Big Toy doesn't exactly make for gripping blog writing. I hope I have something fun and/or interesting to show later this week! In the meantime, idle doodles will have to do.

"Idle doodles will have to do" - someone needs to write a Gilbert & Sullivan-style tune with that lyric. Please.


At 7:35 PM , Anonymous said...

my boyfriend wants me to knit a vest for him--simple, and probably thin and tall, because he is both. do you have or know of any good patterns i should seek out?

At 8:25 PM , ana said...

I love your doodle... the sea life linework is brilliant! Such nice details! You're an inspiration.

At 9:23 PM , comfies said...

those idle doodles are AWESOME. just awesome.

p.s. i'm a big fan of your work in general too, and glad you have a blog!!!

At 10:53 PM , lisa s said...

i wish i was a song smith... i'd write you that jingle in a second!

At 7:05 AM , Netter said...

Sorry to hijack your comments Jess, but Emily doesn't need a pattern to knit a vest. Just find gauge on a yarn he likes, measure him and multiply stitches per inch by width around. Knit a tube with a little ribbing. Bind off an inch or two on each side at the appropriate height for armholes. Neckline's a litte more work, but not too hard. Then pick up around neckline and armholes and knit a little ribbing.

At 7:43 PM , Ilix said...

Love dropping in to see what is new...............thanks for sharing!

At 8:36 AM , ambika said...

Doodle or no, I love the little details down on the ocean bed.

At 4:22 PM , Patricia said...

Hi Jess,

Just discovered your toys on Maybe others have asked but have you considered a formal book to publish your toy patterns? I ask because you are not planning on printing any more copies of your patterns.


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