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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

Thanks for all the supportive comments regarding my fascination with the hideous, um, marvelous 70s Victorian revival. Shash asked if my apartment is decorated in that style - the answer is no (or, perhaps, "not yet"). Jeff and I employ an interior decorating scheme I like to call "Trash Americana": monster toys, thrift store paintings, art made by us and by friends, old transistor radios, religious statues, red light bulbs, etc. It's not as extreme as Pee-Wee's Playhouse, of course, but it's still pretty fun. It shows up in some of my photos, like this one, and here, and here. Perhaps one of these days I will do a whole post on our little museum of strange. I think a dash of neo-Victoriana would work well in our home - perhaps a garish needlepoint pillow or two?

Speaking of Jeff (my husband, Jeff Heermann), he drew the comic you see above a few days ago. It's so perfect for the holiday (monsters are the reason for the season, after all) that I asked him if I could share it. So here it is - you can see it bigger on flickr here. I love it, it's so Jeff. Check out this one, too, it's just as funny. Have a spooky Halloween, everyone!


At 8:21 PM , Madge said...

Happy hauntings to you and Jeff!


At 5:09 AM , LLA said...

I, for one, would be fascinated by more glimpses of the "museum of strange"...

I love, love, love Jeff's comics - he's got a great style!

At 10:30 AM , Emily Wunderlich said...

Great synopsis of one of my favorite books.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put out more of your "unusual toys" books! I just discovered the robots while searching for a good earflap hat pattern (oh, the places you'll go on the internet) and have been thinking about them since. PLEASE.

with much adoration,

At 10:38 PM , knitty mama said...

just dropped in to say hi. I've put the Kate pattern from knitty in my to-do folder. I LOVE your designs and patterns. Is there a chance you'll do a re-print of your book of toys?


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