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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

good mail

I've had a few good mail days - lots of fun stuff has made its way through the USPS to my humble abode. Here's a glimpse:

(top left) Here's the poster Dan Goodsell made from my photo of his Mr. Toast toys! Seeing this was pretty thrilling. Thanks for sending me some, Dan! He's going to have these at his booth at the Comic Con in San Diego this year.

(bottom) A wonderful coloring book by vegasandvenice. I had such a great time with my coloring books as a kid, so this brings back some good memories. The envelope was so sweet, too, with little drawings and v.andv.'s great handwriting. You can purchase one from her etsy shop (it looks like she's nearly out though!).

(top right) A t-shirt hand-silkscreened by Jodi Green, an artist who has designed some beautiful knitted garments for knitty. I purchased this lovely shirt from her etsy shop. She says that it is "inspired by the pattern on [her] favorite polyester dress from the 60s." The buttery, tangeriney color (with the light blue and red print) is perfect for summer. And hey, it's nice and WARM in SF these days, amazing.

How great is etsy, by the way? I love to browse all the shops, there are some really great items to be had, direct from the maker.

And of course, I get to look forward to mail yet to come... Hillary's pattern booklet will be available tomorrow! I can't wait.


At 6:51 PM , LLA said...

It does look like a great couple of mail days - thank you for sharing, and for giving links to some great (and new-to-me) etsy shops!

Hope your run of good mail karma continues....

At 9:35 PM , Rose said...

You did it again! After reading your post, I just had to go and buy something that you mentioned. This time, it's the coloring book - I got the next to last one!

At 12:30 AM , Louise said...

ditto Ila, BIG THANKS

I found etsy a few months ago - I love the fact that you can browse by colour - it has such a cool interface. I have even considered making some stuff to sell - some needles books - see my flickr.

At 6:55 AM , hillary said...

hee, that toast poster is awesome!

and nice etsy haul. I was on there for quite a while yesterday window shopping. maybe after the booklet sales? nothing burns a hole in your pocket more than paypal money. thanks for the mention :)

I'm a nervous wreck this morning. I don't know how you do it!

At 1:52 PM , aja said...

The coloring book is fabulous, thanks for the tip!

At 7:22 AM , handmadelife said...

etsy is just the most fantastic, inspiring site out there. I get mesmerised by browsing the colors...


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