Jess Hutch.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Here is a toy, in progress. I kind of love how the toys look before I sew them up and stuff them - they don't have a personality yet, really, and they're sort of abstract and strange, like a deflated balloon. In junior high school as part of a lesson about cartography we had to draw the world on an orange with a sharpie marker, then carefully take the peel off in one piece and pin it to a board. I guess this was meant to show us the challenge of drawing a flat map of a spherical world. Seeing one of my toys all flattened out like this reminds me of that somehow.

Right now I'm feverishly working on several projects, all of which are commissions of a sort, so I can't really show pictures of them on this blog - which begs the question, if you make something and don't post about it, did you really make it? I'm so used to sharing images of the stuff I'm working on, it's weird to be making things "in private". Perhaps at some point I'll be able to share! I hope so.

So in the next few weeks I won't be posting much - maybe an eBay purchase or two, or a glimpse of a project, but not much else and not super often. I know, I'm hardly a Power Blogger anyway, but I just wanted to let you all know, and apologize for the absence!


At 8:30 AM , kelly said...

love the cartography project... what a cool way to teach that lesson! good luck with all the work!

At 2:12 PM , LLA said...

Hey there - we'll miss you bunches! But we'll all still be here, and eagerly awaiting glimpses of whatever you can/will show us!

In the interim, happy knitting!

At 9:17 PM , Megan said...

A deflated woolly balloon. Poor wee mite.

At 11:12 PM , chloe said...

Yes, I love how they start off looking like oddly-shaped hats or socks gone awry prior to stuffing.

For laughs, I just thought I'd share a pic of the limbless trio of "Kates" I churned out in the past two weekends. It cracks me up whenever I look at it.

At 12:21 PM , said...

hey jess, I want to send you an email! do you have spam assassin? :)

At 9:42 PM , mondopanno said...

I often come here, and hardly talk, but I just have to tell that we're gonna miss the posts.
Good luck with your projects. : )

At 8:27 PM , the bellyacher said...

wow...i love your creations even when they're unstuffed. keep up the fabulous work!

At 5:34 PM , Becky said...

What a tease you are!(an unstuffed stuffy) Do not apologize for your absence! Go check out Hop Skip Jump's latest post, and all the comments.


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