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Thursday, May 11, 2006


luxe yarn
Natasha, an artist who creates beautiful yarn for her company, Luxe, was sweet enough to send me a few hanks of her handspun. Aren't they gorgeous? I love the middle one, it reminds me of seaweed. I can't wait to try making a few toys with this stuff. Natasha also has a great blog and an etsy shop. Thanks Natasha!

Speaking of prized posessions, I went a teeny bit nuts on eBay this week - nothing big, just a few choice items that I will be sure to share on this here blog once I receive them. I guess I can justify the purchases by saying they're for "inspiration" - that counts, right?


At 7:29 PM , vegasandvenice said...

Lovely! Is it weird that I am much more excited about your mail than my own? Yes? Ah well, I can live with that *smile*

At 7:52 AM , aja said...

Oh yum, that looks like fabulous yarn and with such great colors.

At 2:12 PM , ladylinoleum said...

I love Natasha! She's good peeps and a very talented chickadee!

At 4:10 PM , mimi K said...

Inspiration buys are the most fun!


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