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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I had been planning to post some cheery spring-themed images, 'tis the season after all, but it's been so gray and wet and blah here in SF for just about ever... and as much as I love spring in all its pink-flowered glory, I'm not feeling it just yet. So I'm doing the next best thing, or perhaps the best thing, really, which is posting a drawing my husband Jeff Heermann did last week - of he and I, in the rain. Isn't it nice? I like how it shows us sort of cowering - I think a lot of people in our neck of the woods are just kind of defeated by the incessant rain and gloom. Sorry to whine - things could be so much worse - but it does get to be a bit of a grind. Please Mr. Sun, come our way?

Jeff's artwork is strange, and wonderful, just like him. I love him lots. We have recently been chasing the rainy day blues away with beer, pizza, DVDs of 1970s British sitcoms, and our sweet and goofy cat Chuy. I guess things are okay after all.


At 9:04 PM , kt said...

What a lovely sketch! Youe two MUST breed; all that artistic DNA put together--WOW!

At 6:31 AM , LLA said...

so that is what happens when artists marry.... - I love the sketch!

And look at the bright side of the SF grayness - no pink flowered glory = no pollen! I think that I've been suffering from a pollen hangover as of late. It's everywhere.... ugh. snif. wheeze.

At 8:17 AM , Nicole Valentine said...

It's a romantic picture too as he has his hand around your shoulders. Very sweet. :)

At 12:28 PM , Kim said...

Wow, it would be so great to have an artistic husband. My husband claims that he is equally right- AND left-brained, but so often when I show him things I make or art I like, he just looks at me blankly and I want to say, "Hello? Hello? Anyone in there?" Maybe this happens with artsy husbands, too!

Anyway, great sketch!

At 12:52 PM , joyce said...

great drawing!
yes - the weather in SF has been sucky lately.

At 6:30 PM , Snuffywump said...

I love cheesy 70's british sitcoms! I havne't seen that one before. My favorite was called "Good Neighbors" and it featured a couple that went off the the suburbs. They had neighbors that didn't totally approve of their choices. It was pretty dang funny. They dub up their front yard to start a leek garden and had a goat for milk. Look it up! It was pretty good! Love the pic your hubby drew as well. Those goofy guys...gotta love them.

At 1:53 PM , tania said...

aw- thats nice-
yes that rain must really be a downer- its finally finally warming up here.


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