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Thursday, February 09, 2006

gocco guy

gocco guyPrinting on paper with the gocco was fun, so I knew using it to print on cloth would be the raddest thing ever. For the most part, I was right, and even my mistakes had some nice results.

After seeing jek-a-go-go's pillowbots, I knew I had to try making toys by printing on cloth. So I grabbed some of my solid cotton fabrics, and for kicks I also pulled out some white handkerchiefs I had sitting around (as we all do, right?) and tried it out.

I was impressed with the results, and after the hankies were dry, I ironed them briefly, doo dee doo dee doo, just like the instructions said, then threw them in the wash. And man, how they faded! So I took a closer look at the instructions and it said to iron them for a minute. In other words, about 6 times longer than I did! Um, whoops.

But you know, the faded look on the thin white handkerchiefs is kind of cool. So at least I have a trick up my sleeve if I ever want a ghostly effect. I printed on some other fabric later, ironed the images for a minute and then washed them, and the image stayed super dark and solid. So - lesson learned - iron the heck out of those puppies.

Hankies are kind of cool and dorky, don't you think? I don't use them for the usual purpose (I don't like carrying my snot around with me) but it's nice to have a piece of cloth with you, just in case. It's nice for blotting your face on a hot day, or, um, waving at departing cruise ships, or whatever. It seems kind of civilized. Especially when it has a little weird dude on it wearing a bowler hat.

If you have a mo', look at the flickr photos tagged with "gocco". I love this by xtinalamb, and these by molly chicken. Lovely.

By the way, Jeff got me the gocco for Christmas, and I got him a wacom tablet. I think he's getting as much fun out of his prez as I am, yes?


At 7:33 PM , Maktaaq said...

I'm glad you added that hankies are for blotting your face on hot days. In Japan, that's what hankies are used for and something else: drying your hands at public restrooms. The cool thing is, instead of wasting paper towels or electricity for those blowdrier things, a hankie will do it without taxing the environment at all.

At 9:05 AM , ♥ joleen ♥ said...

I love this!

At 9:18 AM , han said...

I can't wait to see your printed toys! It's something I've been planning to do myself. The hankies are lovely. Is that spherey I spy on there?

At 12:43 PM , tania said...

oh its great!
i do keep a hankie in my coat pocket for genteel dabbing in the winter wind, but i am with you on the not carrying actual snot around-eck

At 5:38 AM , LLA said...

I can not wait to see your printed toys! I've enjoyed your knitted ones so much that I am eager to see what you get up to next!

On a related note, you have no idea how much time I've spent in the last month drooling over the flickrs tagged "gocco" - I am in 100% agreement with your picks....

At 2:05 PM , Gina said...

How sweet.

At 2:15 AM , Visa Lisa said...

Hello there! I just finished my version of your Kate from Knitty. It was an ORDER from a non-knitting friend that I'd make it for her - so I did. It was such a fun knit! Thank you! And now I'm planning my own variations of it to give siblings and firends to the already finished, very true-to-pattern one I have. AND I must say your litle drawings are SO cute! I draw a little fellow that was named Globus by a friend. You can see lots of my Globus here:
So hello! from a fellow lil'fellows-maker from Sweden. Hello!

At 4:04 PM , lyn said...

He's really cute, I love the way he looks. I'm sure I didn't iron mine for that long either : 0
Thank you for the mention, I've been loving your work for a long time, so I'm pleased as punch !

At 3:56 PM , posy press said...

enjoying your blog and i might think about carrying my snot around with me if i had this cute hankie!
this is great and you are quite funny!


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