Jess Hutch.

Monday, May 23, 2005


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Jeff and I got married in Las Vegas on May 7. This is my favorite photo of the whole lot, I think - my sister Kate took it right before Jeff and I walked down to the chapel together, alone. She and I had raced to do our hair and make-up and generally make ourselves pretty while Jeff tied his tie and looked nervous. We were both so nervous... but everything went so well and it was so lovely. I loved being there with him and with our dearly beloved friends and family.

So now we're back and I'm sort of trying to get back on the creative track - I spent so much time hot-gluing stuff and deciding what color the napkins should be that I put my fun strange toys and other creative projects by the wayside. I hope to pick up the thread, so to speak, and continue making fun strange things.

By the way, the best people-watching in the world can be had at the marriage license bureau at the courthouse in Las Vegas. Every single couple who gets married in that great city has to go there in person to submit their paperwork - and most come in their street clothes without bridesmaids or parents or well wishers. Even with the scuffy lineoleum and fluorescent lighting it is highly romantic and very silly.