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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Swaps are pretty great. When I saw Tania's screenprinted stuffies I was so excited, I wrote her a gushing email about 'em. She suggested a swap, so she sent me the dolls, and today I sent her a wee odd fellow. I used one of my favorite Lamb's Pride Worsted colors - Lemon Drop. I love it because it's yellow, and because it is exactly like yellow Play-Doh. Something about the color, and - perhaps - the reflective qualities, I don't know, it's just like Play-Doh. Which is good.

Anyway, these stuffed figures from Tania are just so wonderful. She used very vibrant, jewel-like silk fabric in gorgeous colors - I especially love the pink. Tania's style is so sweet and joyful, it makes me very happy.

Speaking of happy, and Lamb's Pride Worsted, one of my favorite 30th birthday gifts was the huge box of LPW my sister Kate bought for me from Patternworks. I yelped when I opened it, there were so many colors, many of which (like the yellow above) I hadn't ever purchased for myself. So expect more toys in new, fun colors.

Happy Thanksgiving!


At 4:50 AM , maryse said...

i haven't seen the color lemon drop but just the sound of it, makes you think of juicy fruit and sweet/sour candy. ooh and lemon squares.

At 2:20 PM , tania said...

thank you!
i cannot WAIT for my oddfellow!!!
your wool gift sounds heavenly.... sigh...

At 10:53 AM , --erica said...

I've been searching for this Lamb's Pride Worsted of which you always speak! I just ordered some!!! I think I got pink, blue and oatmeal! :)


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