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Thursday, November 10, 2005

more 'lettes

Howdy. There are more booklets available now, please go to to purchase your very own.

A few folks asked about Dolores - I used Lamb's Pride Worsted, naturally. Seafoam for her head and body, Lotus Pink for the darker pink, RPM Pink for the stripes. I think she looks like some of that lovely old-fashioned striped ribbon candy everyone's grandparents always had in a nice dish. Can you still get that stuff?

Oh! And the chair, I forgot to mention it, I was so excited about it for a week after I got it, then the booklet arrived and everything took second fiddle there for a while. Can you believe I got it on ebay for $4? I guess you can still get some deals. Try searching for "doll chair" and see what comes up.


At 6:42 PM , natasha said...

gosh....your blog is adorable. did i mention that is adorable?

At 7:16 PM , Jen said...

I've ordered my booklet YAY! And I'm off to search on eBay for "doll chair" hehe :)

At 7:34 PM , Adriana said...

Yippeeee! I got my booklet this time. Can't wait till it gets here!


At 5:57 AM , gleek said...

yeah! i got a booklet!! now i just need to stock up on a few colors of lamb's pride worsted. i'm looking forward to making some softies :) thanks jess.

At 9:23 AM , rose said...

I love Dolores' colors, and that chair is such a find. I won't go to ebay, I'd be way too tempted to buy something. You can get ribbon candy at Vermont County Store (just google it). I've got plans to make a pilgrim oddfellow and do a little morphing on spherey to turn her into a turkey! That's my way of saying thanks so much for the booklet! I love it!

At 10:48 AM , Blair said...

Gosh, I didn't know you could get anything on Ebay for $4 these days (at least I can't). Great find!

I'll have to try the stripes next! Spherey is coming along slowly, I'm just not able to give him the attention he deserves this week.

At 10:58 AM , Gary said...

I guess I missed it. Did they go that fast? I don't see buttons or anything when I link to the page. Dang! Any idea when another batch will come?

At 1:49 PM , kawaii said...

I just ordered--I can't wait to start knitting my first robot!

My grandparents still have ribbon candy!
I have no idea where they get it.

At 2:19 PM , tania said...

the chair is awesome.
and i am very pleased to hear about you and the 70's scruffy thing!
it's not just me!
when you see a guy like that today in 2005 it is like a sasquatch sighting. it is like being blinded by the sun you can't look away.


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