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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Toy by DAVe Warnke

Got this fellow a few months ago from DAVe Warnke. I've seen his stickers up all over SF for years, and they always made me happy - I mean, look at those faces! Even on a crowded muni train, seeing one of those guys makes me feel like everything's going to be a-okay.

I stumbled across his flickr photos and immediately recognized his work (hooray for flickr), and his flickr profile led me to his site, which led me to his dolls, which seem to be 3D representations of his strange and funny characters. I had to have one, of course, because I'm in an art toy acquisition phase.

He puts these toys up for auction on ebay, and sells all sorts of other stuff.


At 12:17 AM , momo said...

thanks for the link! =)

At 2:01 PM , Jeff said...

I first noticed DAVe's stuff not long after I moved to San Francisco (in other words, a long time ago), and am very glad that I'm still seeing it.

This little guy is, without a doubt, the happiest single-celled organism on the block.


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