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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I've decided that this is the best knitting tote ever. It doesn't fall over, and it's plastic, so I don't have to worry about mystery puddles on the N-Judah (the train I take to work every day), and in addition to holding my knitting it can handle a lunch bag and a magazine. (I have provided a plastic chipmunk for scale.)

And look at all the amazing colors it comes in. The tote is by koziol, a German company that sells just about every kind of well-designed plastic thing you could want. I would love to have one of these too, but they've been discontinued. Bummer.

Of course, it doesn't have pockets and doesn't close at the top, so I keep my knitting notions and yarn and the project I'm working on in this old guy:

Like the spider print? I thought it was appropriate for a knitting bag. I made it when I learned to knit the first time, about 6 years ago. It has a drawstring so I can open it and knit, then close it when I have to go on about my business.

San Francisco residents can visit karikter, on Sutter, to get koziol stuff, and if you want to get me one of these while you're there, that would be great. Thanks.

Speaking of knitting (do I ever speak about anything else?), Alice made a super stylin' bunny from my pattern. I love the little sundress and the amazing colors.


At 10:40 AM , Anonymous said...

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At 3:29 PM , Rosemary McCracken said...

Thanks for the links. I'm definately seeing Christmas presents! It's a TOTAL bummer that Wilhelm has been discontinued...

At 6:01 PM , mimi K said...

I love that spider fabric- of course I am very partial to anything with bugs! I was lucky to find some great bee fabric, but it just wouldn't be the same for a knitting bag, I know :-)

At 2:30 AM , suburbansider said...

Isn't Wilhelm the greatest! Such a pity they are no more. Thanks for the link.

At 6:49 PM , tania said...

I keep my knitting in a green koziol one!
it is great.

my naughty cat likes to pull it over though and come trotting through the living room with a ball of wool in her mouth...

At 10:37 AM , Freecia said...

How funny! I picked up a red one over a year ago, sent one to a secret pal in Boston, and gave another to my aunt. They make awesome knitting totes.

Came by to visit your stuffed toys.


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