Jess Hutch.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


After college I had this great plan - I would buy a vintage Airstream trailer, gut it, fill it with displays of American natural history and pop culture, pull it around and charge folks 50 cents to take a look inside. A strange traveling museum, if you will. I haven't had a driveway since I moved out of my parents' home many years ago, so this hasn't been a possibility... but now I can live out my trailer fantasies with this:

Hot cha! I should add that it's quite small. In fact, it's dollhouse scale. And it comes unassembled. And I haven't received it yet, it's on backorder. But once I do, I'm going to put it together, paint it, put some furniture and other miniatures and a few of these guys in it, how cool will that be?

You can get one from Hobby Builders Supply, if you want.


At 2:45 PM , hillary said...

oh dear. I love that so much. we may have to get one for ourselvs. we're kind of airstream freaks around here. I'll have to put up a photo of the HO scale one I just bought for Tim.

At 7:05 PM , laura r. said...

this is wonderful.
our friends have an airsteam for an office.
i can't wait to see how you furnish it!!

At 8:16 AM , Jeff said...

Very cool, indeed!

At 9:35 PM , Melissa said...

That idea was so great, it would have been brilliant! But the mini version is going to be wonderful too!

At 7:02 PM , steph said...

Living in an Airstream was fun! Liberating, wake up with the sun pouring over your bed and see nothing but ocean, or meadow, or harbor. I highly highly recommend it. Until your second child arrives.... :)


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