Jess Hutch.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

mini golf


I went to the Malibu Castle fun center in Redwood City, CA yesterday. I have always loved miniature golf, mostly due to the courses themselves, not the game (I'm pretty terrible at it). I love the little buildings, the undulating artificial grass, the intense colors, it's the best.


Not to be pretentious or anything, but doesn't that spiral look like this?

I also look quite a few photos inside the arcade... I guess I like shiny colorful things.


It was so nice to be out in the sun, and to be warm. I live in the Sunset District of San Francisco, near the ocean, and it's been so gray and damp and chilly out here lately. I felt like I was thawing out!


At 3:59 PM , Martha said...

Fabulous colors and great photos.

I think it's getting a little warmer as we head into September. At least, I hope so.


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