Jess Hutch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Two Toys by Mia Hansen

I got these guys in an ingenious swap/purchase with Mia Hansen. She's a Vancouver-based graphic designer/illustrator/toymaker (among other things) and when I saw these dolls I knew I had to have one (or two). They fall into that really wonderful 2D on 3D thing I'm loving (a posed image on a stuffed surface), and the characters are so carefully painted and full of personality. They really look like they walked off the page of a comic book or something. You can see more of them at her site, just click on "objects".

I also had to share my new arts & crafts bookshelf. I would hug it, but I think that would hurt me.


At 9:12 AM , laura r. said...

l o v e the bookcase!
where di you get it?

At 4:47 PM , JessRedRose said...

Oh yeah, I forget to mention that. I got it at ikea, it's part of the Robin series. Laminated particleboard, fancy!


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