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Thursday, July 14, 2005

odd fellow

Originally uploaded by Jess Hutch.
Um. I'm not sure about this guy... I kept resisting the urge to add bunny ears or cat ears or something to make him recognizably something, because he is meant to be an experiment in simplicity. But he's sort of odd looking. Perhaps there's such a thing as too simple? In any case, he was fun and quick to knit, as he's quite small and involved few increases and decreases.

He's posing with some old dollhouse furniture I found in a store in Ohio. The Midwest is where it's AT for cool old stuff.


At 3:54 PM , Anonymous Rosa said...

It's lovely like it is - I don't find it too simple at all. And the setting you've made for the photo is just perfect :)

At 9:20 PM , Anonymous Ez said...

Oh please don't change him... I think he is perfection just the way he is. He makes me think of a polar bear of sorts... very sweet!

At 4:30 PM , Blogger kath red said...

i think he is cute. Orlando just thought he looked like humpty dumpty, and otilija thought he was very cool and looked like a bird. so approval all around.


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