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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

fun good stuff

Still plugging on a big ole project, so here's some good stuff you should check out:

*Mia Hansen is a really amazing artist who, among many other things, makes some very cool toys (click on the "objects" link). I'm really into the fact that they are 2D designs on a 3D (stuffed) surface, a recent obsession of mine.

*I am very excited about the upcoming (September) publication of the book Knitted Babes by Claire Garland. Cool and stylish knitted toys! Check 'em out. There's even going to be a knit-along.

*Along with a bunch of other toymakers, I am participating in the Plush You! show at a toy store called Schmancy in Seattle. If you will be in the Seattle area in August, do check it out! Schmancy is located next to Fancy and The Moore Hotel on Second Avenue in Seattle, two blocks from Pikes Place Market. The opening of the show will be on August 12th, from 5 to 10pm.


At 2:11 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

i love your blog and your looks familiar. are you in the schmancy show? and you live in sf?

At 2:17 PM , Blogger JessRedRose said...

Yes to both. Hooray for San Francisco crafters! And thanks for the nice compliment.


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