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Sunday, June 05, 2005

wedding details

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In case you are planning a wedding or another big party, or you're just curious, here are the nice lovely things Jeff and I did to snazz up our reception. We bought some wedding books to help us plan & design everything but most of this stuff just came from our heads - and a ton of research.

*The roses came from 2G Roses, a local-ish rose grower in Watsonville, CA. Buying roses directly from the grower saved us tons of money - and we were able to have so many beautiful fresh roses. They just sent them to our hotel in Las Vegas. The downside is you have to cut them and arrange them yourself, which I actually found sort of relaxing. The roses we used were Orlando (hot pink) and Sweet Akito (light pink). We put them in thrift store pressed-glass vases, et voila.

*My friends Jen & Dallas had a slide show of their baby pictures at their wedding. I thought that was a fab idea, but I decided that rather than project the photos, I'd print them out, glue them onto posterboard, hot-glue braided ribbon around the edges as a "frame", and put a piece of posterboard on the back to stand them up. In addition to our baby pictures, we had photos of our family members, many of which were decades old (and one from 1855!). We put them on the tables, around the roses. These were a great success - it gave folks something to talk about (and laugh at) during the cocktail hour.

*Our favors were tiki mugs from the Flamingo, the hotel/casino where the wedding & reception took place. Once people grabbed their mugs and set them on the table, it gave the whole place a sort of vintage/romantic/tropical flavor. My main design idea was that it should look like a living room - and it did. But it a good way.

*We also placed vintage (or vintagey) wedding figures around the room, like the one I posted a month or two back. The topper on our (light green) wedding cake was from the sixties, purchased on ebay (like my & my sister's dresses, thanks ebay!)

*The place markers and menu were hand-written on some nice textured card stock from Flax, a local art store.

*My veil was made using a comb from Claire's boutique and a yard or two of pink tulle from Discount Fabrics. I bought a book on how to make veils ("I Do" Veils...So Can You!) - it took about an hour to do, and came out well. I wanted a very sixties poufy veil and I got one!

So yes, it's possible to have a very sweet and personal wedding & reception in Las Vegas. It took a lot of work on our part, but I really wouldn't have had it any other way - making stuff is how I show how much I care about people. Jeff and I knew that personalizing our wedding and reception in that way would show each other, and our guests, how important they are to us.

Thanks to Rain for the photo - there are more at her Flickr site.


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