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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Me at 8

self portrait
Originally uploaded by Jess Hutch.
My month of softies submission for March - the theme is "portrait of the artist as a young child". This is me at 8, with short ("boy short") blonde hair, and a big love of hot pink and turquoise. It won't be long until I get glasses, so I can see the chalkboard, and I want to be an astronaut. Or Mary Lou Retton, I can't really remember which...

This doll was made using (what else) Lamb's Pride Worsted, on size 8 bamboo dpns. I used my bunny pattern as the basis, because, well, why not?

Larger photo here.


At 3:56 PM , Blogger tweezer said...

your self portrait is super cute. i had an affinity for neon colored leggings when i was young. the horror.

At 3:18 AM , Blogger kath red said...

I love what you did with the expression, cute dress too.


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