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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Knitted Creatures

So I was perusing the website for the Knit 2 Together exhibition happening over in London (do we have something like the Crafts Council here?) and I discovered the fabulous creations of Donna Wilson. I googled her and voila, here is her website and it is a DOOZY. She makes really wonderful creatures and other knitted stuff (along with various other crafts) and you must check her site out now. She makes her creatures by machine knitting and sewing them.

Speaking of knitted creatures, I'm trying to figure out how to tackle this month's Month of Softies theme ("portrait of the artist as a young child"). I want to knit this one, I think, since I'm trying to focus on knitted toys and I've been thinking about making a human figure for a while. I have many books on knitting dolls and although they are all helpful I want to go in a kookier direction... hmmmmm.

Also, should I do me at 2? At 8? When I was 8 I often wore this really great prissy outfit: dark blue skirt with a pastel woven belt, pink tights and oxfords, and a plaid blouse with a fluffy bow tie. One day a friend of mine said, "every time you wear that outfit you're really BOSSY!" I really meant business in those clothes, man.* Maybe I should depict myself wearing the Professional Third Grader ensemble.

*It was the eighties. I'm surprised the blouse didn't have shoulder pads.


At 9:07 PM , Blogger Jeff said...

I wore clip-on bow ties when I was eight...with striped rugby shirts. Our heads were clearly in the same space.


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