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Monday, February 21, 2005

Wonderful Wondercon

I spent Saturday among My People at Wondercon 2005, San Francisco's very own comic book convention. I've always been fascinated with geek subcultures, and conventions are always the best people-watching opportunities. I took many photos (best ones: me and Mr. Joss Whedon, me and two women dressed as Easterlings from LOTR, and a dude dressed as a stormtrooper chatting about costumes with a dude dressed as Boba Fett), sat through a couple of question-and-answer periods, and strolled the aisles, looking for stuff to buy, and just looking.

My purchases:
* a mini comic book from the gal, Hae Eun Park... she created these odd characters, makes stuffed versions of them, and puts out comic books about them in collaboration with another artist, Ben Seto. I loved her little stuffed fellows, check them out here.

* a great book about paper dolls from 40s/50s/60s comic strips from Trina Robbins, one of the coolest dames ever. She has written so much about women & comics & pop culture, and is nearsighted, redheaded, and wears vintage beaded sweaters, just like me. Apparently, newspapers used to publish paper dolls of popular characters in the comics section; readers would often send in fashion designs for these characters to wear. Ms. Robbins collected lots of these in a book, and I bought it, and they are fab, fab, fab. I'd provide a link to the book but I think the only available copies are from Trina herself, so go to her site and see what's available!

* I'd love to do a small comic book using photos of my knitted creatures. Gotta get on that. I am inspired by some books I picked up in Japantown by Aranzi Aronzo, a Japanese company that has created a variety of strange and adorable characters, and publishes books and sells merchandise based on these fellows. That's where today's image comes from... it's a little comic about Warumono ("bad man"). Aranzi Aronzo's characters are often featured in photo comics, and although I can't read the Japanese I still find them goofy and hilarious.


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