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Friday, February 11, 2005

Lonely Doll

I am loving the Lonely Doll series by Dare Wright.

These are children's books, written in the sixties, featuring a doll named Edith and a few of her teddy bear friends. The pictures in the books are posed dolls and bears, so anyone fascinated (as I am) with pics of posed dolls, check these out. Apparently, a book just came out about Dare Wright and her life, and I'm planning to read that too.


At 1:01 PM , Blogger Rain said...

I'm just about finished with the Dare Wright biography. Got it from the lie-barry. It's not as facinating as I thought it would be (her life was kind of weird, but she wasn't making dresses for her chickens or anything, ala Flannery O'Conner. or was that Shirley Jackson?) but it's got some great pictures in it. She was a fox!

At 5:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the book as a child in the mid sixties.


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