Jess Hutch.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Crafty Comics

I'm still thinking about alternative ways of doing comics - outside of the traditional paper/ink format. For Christmas 2003 my sister Kate made me a quilt celebrating (or poking fun at, whatevs) my inability to find the perfect red lip gloss and the ideal pair of black oxfords. I used to whine about this all the damn time, and she embroidered five squares depicting this fruitless search... although they're not sequential, they still tell a story (and a sad one at that).

For a larger version, go here.

It's an amazing quilt - not only because of the quality of the embroidery and the choice of fabrics (pink cotton for the embroidery, red flannel for borders on the smaller squares, a heavy grey fabric to surround the squares, and a pink gingham flannel for the backing), but because Kate used a traditional craft to make a comic strip. It's super neat. It's inspirational, even.

Anyway, the search for the perfect black oxford has been called off, my black Converse All Stars are just going to have to do... but I've actually found two great red lip glosses in the meantime: Anna Sui Gloss Lip Stick #400, and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Raisin. Whew!


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